Obedience Training 

Intermediate Classes

Group classes which include heel work; distance work (such as sit, down, stand); retrieving and directional control. Customers will be moved into these classes at the instructors request.

Advanced Classes

Group classes offer further training on the intermediate level activities and also develop commands through voice only and through hand signals only. Customers will be moved into these classes at the instructors request.

Confidence Equipment

Now Included In All Classes

Confidence building work is now included in all classes and is suitable for every age of dog. Regardless of whether you have a puppy, young dog or older pooch, Mellor Dog School staff will continuously re-design the course throughout the classes, so it is suitable for your dog, regardless of its age & size.

As well as being great fun for all levels of ability, the agility equiptment will aid in building your dog`s confidence in the following areas:

  • Heights

  • Dark enclosed Spaces

  • Unfamiliar movement

  • Loud noises

These activities also aid in obedience and directional control.

Includes agility equipment such as:


  • Small jumps over 12 months

  • See saw

  • Dog walk

  • Large and various sized tunnels

  • Poles

  • Hoops and hops

Included in most group class, time and numbers permitting. If you are interested in session solely to practice using this equipment, please contact us to arrange.


Professional, insured Trainers